hotel Criss 3 stelle Rimini
New Management


Delicious dishes will satisfy the belly of our little ones and if you do not like our cusine, available to mothers a small kitchen to cook by themeself.

Our beach, known for sure in Europe for its shallow angle of rest for the family, indeed of heaven, entertainment, health, games on the sand. Numerous are the attractions for children, from entertainment on the beach, at parties and areas dedicated to them. On the walk Rivabella there are a series of mini-amusement parks (train, cars, mini-golf, super-soft giant inflatable miniparco water and swimming pools, rides and carousels,but how will you bored?

Lavish breakfast buffet of sweet and salty for good morning morning Tasty dishes for lunch and dinner with a choice between meat and fish every day, accompanied by a rich buffet of vegetables and appetizers. meals for vegetarians and for our younger guests.


At the hotel we can play, draw, paint, invent and watch cartoons favorites. And among other things and games, you can go with your parents to all the amusement parks of the Riviera; hikes in the nearby bike path along our river Marecchia but when you will go to sea?

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